Great news on Votto

Despite all of my Esaskyesque anxiety about Joey Votto’s dizziness, it turns out the problem was quite minor:

And the Joey Votto diagnosis is: INNER EAR INFECTION.

After two weeks of testing for everything imaginable it came down to the simplest of the simple. Inner ear infection.

First, Votto had an upper respiratory infection that caused him to miss four games and it is believed that when the team flew to Phoenix from Cincinnati that brought on the inner ear infection and caused his dizziness and loss of focus. Then when he flew to San Diego from Phoenix it happened again.

Votto has not had any of the symptoms since he returned from San Diego to Cincinnati and took indoor batting practice today. Manager Dusty Baker said he’ll do all the pre-game activities with the team Friday and see where he is.

Great news.

(link via BTF)

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  1. J.W. said...

    I experienced dizziness and loss of focus upon reading this:

    “I’m the king of multitasking, there is none higher, sucka part-time bloggers should call me sire”

    Should I seek immediate medical attention?

  2. Craig Calcaterra said...

    No, but I probably should.  I’m not sure where that came from.  I’m a bit stressed and sleep deprived today, so I’m blaming that.

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