Halladay “emotionally gone”

At least that’s the hearsay Heyman is peddling via Twitter:

based on halladay’s candid comments about wanting to win, a halladay acquaintance says this: “he’s emotionally gone.”

Of course, given how wrong Heyman was about the Mets rumor, it’s just as likely that Roy is in the clubhouse dancing jigs and talking about how these are the best days of his life.

(link via MLBTR)

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  1. David said...

    Right.  There’s no way he could continue to do good work for the Blue Jays. 

    There’s no way that, after word of trading him leaked, he could, like, pitch a 1 R, CG against one of the elite offenses in all of the game. No way whatsoever.

    This is just soap opera crap from moron writers who are too stupid to write about anything besides ‘All My Children’ nonsense.  Halladay is a proud competitor and has been very loyal to the Blue Jays.  It’s very possible that he’d like to be traded, but whether he is or he isn’t, you can bet that he’s going to continue to give his best effort.  Therefore, comments like this are totally meaningless.

  2. Pete Toms said...

    Ok, here comes the worst yiddish spelling you will see today.  Halladay’s wife (Brandi, Brandy? IIRC) was all VEKLEMPT on a recent Jays game radio broadcast about the prospects of leaving Toronto…is she “emotionally gone”?

  3. J.W. said...

    I believe it’s commonly spelled “verklempt.”  Google leads me to believe it’s from the German verklemmt which fits with my memory. Publicizing the sentiment that you’re emotionally gone is fairly common practice among european soccer players who want their teams to sell their rights to another team. In theory if you make it known you’re unhappy where you are you weaken your teams bargaining position and drive down the price that an interested team would have to pay to acquire you, thereby (possibly) making it more likely that you will be transferred. Maybe Halladay is trying a similar tack here.

  4. Wells said...

    My response would be: who cares? If ‘emotionally gone’ guys are throwing 7 K in one-hit complete games, I pray my GM brings on a bunch of zombies.

  5. themarksmith said...

    Anyone else think it’s odd that the Blue Jays, because they didn’t want to deal with a deadline, went ahead and gave themselves a new deadline of July 28th? Are they going to make a better decision at 11:59 on the 28th versus 4:59 (or whatever it is) on the 31st? Are they dumb enough, and therefore should not be GM’s, to make a rash move on the 31st? And if they are, wouldn’t they make the same rash move on the 28th?

  6. lexomatic said...

    re: the new deadline
    It’s so that other supposed trades could be made/arranged before the deadline. If Halladay goes there’s gonna be a huge effort to clear away salary…as much as possible.

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