Heh, heh, heh . . . he said “bum”

It’s sometimes helpful to remember, as we apply our very adult judgments and our very adult values to the game of baseball, that it’s essentially being played by people who are about as mature as my four year-old son:

Mike Sweeney screamed from the Seattle Mariners training room Thursday, issuing what amounted to an all-points-bulletin.

“Junior! Ichiro! You’ve got to come see this thing!” he yelled, and began ushering in teammates who were jumping at the chance to look at David Aardsma’s lanced boil – an open wound on his backside . . . Fascinated by the size of the boil on Wednesday, when they took cell-phone camera photos of it, teammates gathered around Aardsma in the training room Thursday, staring at his naked bum.

“It got a little annoying only because guys were so loud I couldn’t hear what the trainers were trying to tell me,” Aardsma said.

If the boil had been on another Mariner, would Aardsma have run to the training room for a look?

“Oh, absolutely,” he said.

I love him with all of my heart, but because of where he is from a developmental perspective, I give Carlo a lot of latitude when he’s acting like a fool. I feel preceisely the same way when it comes to baseball players.

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  1. Jason @ IIATMS said...

    Aren’t boils and cysts on one’s “bum” an indicator of poor syringe usage?  Just asking…

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