Heilman to the Mariners and then the Cubs

The offseason does crazy things to people. Hope springs eternal and that’s great and all, but there’s a fine line between hope and delusion. Example: last summer the Mets probably couldn’t have paid anyone to take Aaron Heilman off their hands, yet this winter, not one, but two teams have traded for him.

This isn’t just a Heilman thing. It happens a lot. Some Joe Palooka is almost run out of town on a rail in August, and the next winter some GM thinks, “ya know, if I can get a Palooka and somehow sign a couple of live arms, we might just be able to do something.” Of course no one has ever explained to me what a “live arm” is. Regression to the mean notwithstanding, I don’t know why such thinking prevails every year.

Whatever the case, thinking that someone looks better through the hazy shade of winter is close enough to a similar phenomenon that I’m going to dub it “snow goggling.”

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  1. Petr said...

    I’m frankly surprised the Orioles didn’t end up with Ronny Cedeno considering they desperately need a shortstop. There have been so many Roberts to Cubs rumors that a Roberts for Pie, Cedeno, and another player would have made some sense earlier this off season. Oh well.

  2. APBA Guy said...

    And the thought that the M’s would move Lopez to first to accommodate Cedeno is a nightmare. As an A’s fan, they’ve made me very happy knowing there is a soft landing if Beane’s maneuverings don’t work out. The worst we can finish is 3rd in the division.

  3. VanderBirch said...

    Maybe this season, but Jack Z seems like a guy on the cutting edge of the game. The Mariners look like they will be turning their ship around in the near future.

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