Hicks has offers for the Rangers

I would have guessed that they’d languish on the market forever, but Tom Hicks apparently has a half dozen offers for that stake — probably a controlling stake — of the Rangers he’s been peddling.

Well, it is Texas, and rich Texans are different than rich people from other places, so guess I shouldn’t be too terribly surprised that the Rangers can be sold in this market. As for the bidders, I’m picturing (read: desperately hoping for) older men with bolo ties and a tall cowboy hats who say things like “well butter my butt and call me a biscuit! That Pe-Rez feller can throw him some fire!”

(thanks to Royce the Baseball Hack, a dedicated Rangers fan if there ever was one, for the link)

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  1. Angel Greg said...

    It doesn’t matter who buys the “Strangers”.
    You haven’t and you won’t go anywhere in post season. History shows that. The stadium must be built on ntop of an indian burial ground.
    I feel sorry for Nolan Ryan.
    Go Angel’s

  2. J. McCann said...

    Rangers fans should hope the team winds up in bankruptcy court.  Then the highest bid gets the team, period.  (This was how Angelos got the Orioles when MLB sure did not want him.)

    If Cuban ever really wants to be an MLB owner, this is the opportunity.

  3. Richard in Dallas said...

    Unfortunately, the stuffed shirts have already told him no.  It seems that David McDavid (for those of you not in DFW, yes that’s a real guy) is the frontrunner.  He owns a BUNCH of car dealerships in the area and has LOADS of money. He was a partner with Ross Perot Jr. in the Mavericks when they really sucked, and everyone was really happy when they sold to Cuban, so, given the Rangers history, that’s probably the way it will go.  Seems like if it doesn’t happen for us in October this year, it never will.  :(  If there are any baseball loving billionaires out there that want to help us poor Rangers fans out, let me know, and I’ll do what I can to get you in touch with the sorriness of Tom Hicks.

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