HOK is no more

We don’t have HOK to kick around anymore. No, they didn’t go out of business. They just changed their name:

HOK Sport Venue Event is no longer.

The Kansas City-based sports architecture giant, now a stand-alone company, officially has changed its name to Populous.

“Populous allows us to enthusiastically embrace the expertise we uniquely claim — drawing people together, “ Joe Spear, a senior partner, said in a statement released today.

HOK Sport, now Populous, announced in August it was buying its independence from St. Louis-based HOK Group, and the transaction was completed Dec. 31. The firm was begun in 1983 when a group of architects approached HOK about establishing a sports-focused architectural office in Kansas City.

While I don’t like the name itself, I do sort of like the idea of using adjectives for nouns. Going forward I will only answer to the name “Dashing Calcaterra.”

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  1. GBS said...

    Funny, Dashing, I was just thinking earlier today of the various ways one could screw up your last name.

    Alcantara, Calcutta, Caligula, Calamari, Etcetera, etc.

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