How bad is it in New York?

So bad that folks are actively wondering whether it would have been a good thing for the Mets to have signed Manny Ramirez last winter:

So before you stand up and boo Manny tonight, Mets fans, think twice. Remember how badly you wanted Manny during the off-season, and ask yourself this question: Would we take him right now, even with those PED scarlet letters painted all over his chest?

Of course you would.

And you know what? As weird as it is to admit it, the Mets would be better off with Manny right now as opposed to without him. That probably says as much about the state of our steroided-out sports culture today as it does the state of the depleted Mets lineup.

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  1. kendynamo said...

    yeah its so bad that the mets are ONLY half a game up on the atlanta braves.  now THATS bad.

    ok, i know articles like that are asinine (i saw another post today about how omar HAS to trade david wright, NOW), but i just need to point that out too.  thanks.

  2. J. McCann said...

    The Mets already have a RH power hitting, bad fielding, steroid connected corner OF and for 24 million less too.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am looking to get a Chef hat with the Mets logo.

    The Mets problem is 3 or their 4 main everyday players are out and for whatever reason, the backups they have are not even good enough to be AAA backups.

  3. gunznrozez said...

    As a Met fan I would bemoan the day they deal Wright.  As his keeper-league fantasy owner, I can only hope it would be to a hitter friendly park.

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