1. MooseinOhio said...

    Please require the bill of the cap to be rolled somewhat and not dead straight – I cannot stand that look.

    @Tadthebad – Just wait till the pink and green versions come out.

  2. tadthebad said...

    @Moose: Red Sox Nation is always growing, don’t cha know.  I can deal with the pink/green/black/etc. with the traditional logo, but when is enough enough?  Maybe I’m too traditional when it comes to the Sox jerseys (never thrilled with the alternate red home uni’s), but I probably won’t like anything other than what they have now…I still wish the road jerseys didn’t have players’ names on the back.

  3. MooseinOhio said...

    @Tad – Agree with not liking the red jersey and prefer the traditional white/gray nameless ones.  I kind of like having to know the player by number and not having it given to me.  As a child it was fun to look up the new player in the program/yearbook and have to memorize the number with the name, it took some effort to be a fan.

    So maybe baseball should help educate our youth by making all teams eliminate the names on jerseys, therby forcing our children to actually memorize who wears what number.  Along those lines maybe we could mandate that all kids learn how to score a game as it is certainly a great skill to have and incorporates math as well so it can be considered interdisciplinary.

  4. glenn said...

    I saw one the other day, I can’t remember where (may have been that catalogue sends me every year) that depicted a clothesline with two red socks hanging from it.  First time I’ve ever seen that one, and while I AM DEFINITLEY NOT a Red Sox national, I thought that one was pretty cool.

  5. Frank Sobotka said...

    It’s hideous.

    But seriously, why are they doing this? Did the bandwagon fans stop buying the traditional B hats?

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