If only anyone had any money to invest . . .

Not every market is FUBAR:

The stock market is tanking, while real estate values show no signs of coming back any time soon. Ten-year Treasuries are yielding less than 3% interest, as are three-year certificates of deposit.

So where to park your money? Try sports collectibles. Even as a rough economy has shot a soft underbelly into parts of memorabilia world, the steady flow of quality pieces making their way into the market has most prices standing firm.

“Overall, prices are holding their own or appreciating steadily,” says Leila Dunbar, a former Sotheby’s senior vice president who now runs her own appraisal and consulting business for sports and entertainment collectibles. No one is saying that about any other asset class right now.

Can’t wait for the baseball-backed securities markets to get humming, then we’ll all be rich! Forever!

(Thanks to Pete Toms for the link)

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  1. Andy said...

    Until the credit-default swap crisis hits, based on all the insurance policies issued against the chance of the player whose autograph you have being busted for PEDs.

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