In the year 2000 . . .

Lar from the blog Wezen-Ball stumbled upon a gold mine of awesome yesterday, in the form of the 1981 Sporting News Baseball Yearbook, which featured “experts” — quotes of dubiousness included because Bowie Kuhn was one of them — predicting what baseball would be like in THE YEAR 2000!!!

The best one — which I hope was a marked exhibit during the collusion hearings in the late 80s — came from then-Labor Relations Director Ray Gerbey Grebey [thanks Bob!]:

“I don’t foresee a revolution, I don’t think things will be much different from now if we all keep our heads and work out our problems. But as for $1 million a year or $2 million a year for everybody, there’s no way that baseball could stand it…”

There are a ton more, so definitely click over to Wezen-Ball to look at how little we knew then and reflect upon how little we probably know now.

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  1. Alex K said...

    Wonderful.  Metal bats would be scary business though.  Imagine being at a corner infield position if someone like Josh Hamilton hit a hard line drive right at you…

  2. Alex K said...

    I now see that comment is a little confusing, wonderful was in reference to the post by Wezen-Ball, not line drives that would go through 1 ft of concrete hit at a person.

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