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Part of me wonders if I’ll ever write a post like this one from Andrew Sullivan. Then I realize that, by definition, it’s easier to blog about baseball than politics because, while I feel very strongly about the issues in the game, neither those issues or my writing about them is going to impact anyone’s life too terribly. I don’t know how you can weigh in on health care and war and all of that and not to feel some of the weight.

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  1. YankeesfanLen said...

    I’ve never had a truly rounded vacation until about 5 years ago when I could hear the Yankees on Myrtle Beach through XM. Evenings by the pool with the friendly locals gathered around.  Saturday afternoon hanging an ARod t-shirt when he hit 500!And to think people go to those high-rises where you wait an hour for the elevator and never have a passing parade of the trolley and ice cream trucks meandering down Ocean Blvd.
    Have a great vacastion, Jason, and Craig, take one, juris prudence will survive as well.

  2. Ross said...

    The way our society (particularly the younger crowd) has gotten their lives completely entwined with the happenings of the Internet, it kind of reminds me of “I can quit [insert addition here] whenever I want.”  I’m not sure my daughter could go a week without her cell phone and IM.  Not without getting the shakes.

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