Introducing The Baseball Chronicle

Sabermetric writing and analysis was and remains an essential corrective to inane, old school sportswriter blather, but I like a little right-brained action too, ya know? Thank goodness then for Phil Bencomo, late of Baseball Toaster’s Cub Town, who has a new project in the works:

As much as baseball is about statistics, it is about stories. Every fan’s head is filled with numbers, but it’s filled with memories, too. In that spirit we announce The Baseball Chronicle. Every month or two, we choose a theme and publish great stories based, however loosely, on that theme. If you love baseball storytelling, then we think you’ll love the Chronicle, too.

The first theme is “hooked,” and Phil is looking for submissions:

We’re looking for personal stories and essays, interviews and original journalism.

Take ‘hooked’ to mean whatever you like, so long as it’s packaged in a story somehow related to baseball. Step outside the box, as the saying goes, and really use your imagination. Length matters not.

This sounds like a really worthy endeavor. I may very well put my story-telling pants on and submit something. I hope some of you do too.

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