It’s dangerous out there

You read something horrifying like this and your second reaction — after the horror — is to wonder how on Earth Mike Coolbaugh and Ray Chapman are the only two folks to die by thrown or batted balls in professional play.

UPDATE: The estimable Mark Armour notes that (as I kind of suspected, actually, but was too lazy to research) I am undercounting provides a link to other on-the-field deaths. Here’s a link with a list, though neither Mark nor myself make any warranties for accuracy or completeness.

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  1. Mark Armour said...

    Actually, I believe there have been several (at least 10) minor league players killed in the line of fire.  Even that seems pretty fortunate though.

  2. Wells said...

    Was this in response to Ryan Freel getting nailed in the back of the head (ear) during a pick-off attempt?

  3. Jim Casey said...

    I pitched for 15 years in the MSBL and NABA, and consider myself fortunate to have had just two close calls. One line drive back at me I caught with my glove right up against my nose, and the other I just managed to get my face out of the way before the ball hit me in the right shoulder and deflected into center field. I don’t recall witnessing any serious injuries in person, but a good friend of mine was at the game in Little Rock where Mike Coolbaugh was killed.

  4. Jim D. said...

    I saw a lady take a line drive to the face while standing next to the dugout at a CCBL game about 15 years ago. Nasty. She was wearing glasses too so it was a mess.

    Plus this guy is from that town that has been all over the news because all they make is RVs.

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