1. tadthebad said...

    “He’s getting married on Saturday too, so all in all it’s a pretty good week for Zack.”

    No sure thing, that.  Man down.

  2. HP3 said...

    Shortest once upon a time story:

    Once upon a time a man asked a woman to marry him.  She said no and he lived happily every after.

  3. RoyceTheBaseballHack said...

    After going through the arguments for and against Zack Vs. Felix, I arrived at the conclusion that, while I still wanted Zack to get it, I would have been OK with Felix skipping away with this (the Al West was a far tougher Division…hands-down). But, I don’t have to worry about it. For the second year in a row, seeing clear heads, honor and sensibility prevail in the AL Cy Young award has restored some of my faith in Western Civilization. Some of it. Seeing the Golden Glove for AL SS nullified most of that, though, so know I’m right back to contemplating my mortality.

  4. Peter said...

    Not a big surprise?!?! ARE YOU CRAZY!!! The way advanced stats, and actual high level performance have been demonized by the voters year after year after year, the fact that Greinke won the Cy with 16 wins is an absolute BLESSING for fans of advanced performance measurement. Sure he, probably won it for his ERA, but isn’t this maybe the first time in AGES the right guy has won it over a a guy on a first place team with 19-20 wins and a reputation as a “horse”? Cliff Lee frankly wasn’t a win for the stats fans, because the wins supporters supported him too. Greinke gives me hope that Mauer is next, and that sanity may be finally coming to baseball….

    Today is a very good day if you are a true fan of getting the game right.

  5. APBA Guy said...

    It used to be that the pride of Apopka Florida was my ancient mother, whose advanced old age and baking skills kept the local populace chubby and content.

    No longer. Zach Greinke IS the face of that sleepy Orlando suburb. Every, and I mean every junior ball player down there carries himself just like Greinke. That’s actually refreshing to see in a way. My nephew does a dead-on Greinke shoulder roll as he walks. Even the non Apopka junior players have that slow, slower, slowest shamble.

    Funny, until you see them all trying to throw 87-95, working the corners etc.. Then you realize his influence is more pervasive, especially for the guys who can actually sit in the 90’s.

    Expect more pitching talent to come out of Orlando over the next few years.

  6. pinball1973 said...

    See!  Awards, even when there are excellent AND also very good alternate choices still sometimes go to the best player.
      So I need not complain, and salute Zack G. (even though Felix might’ve been the best OTHER choice, it was ZG this year, by as many miles as Mauer should be – many – for MVP).

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