It’s just a shirt, Matt

When your team comes out with a new jersey, you can (a) say “Here’s the new jersey. We like it and hope people buy a lot of them”; or (b) reach for a lot of symbolic hooey. Tampa Bay has chosen (b):

On May 1st, the Rays will don a new alternate jersey when they host the Red Sox at Tropicana Field. It will be a navy blue button-down with RAYS outlined in white trim with a light blue shadow across the chest.

The sunburst emanating from the “R” is forty percent larger than the sunburst on the team’s home and road jerseys. Light blue piping surrounds the sleeves and collar and extends down the front of the jersey. The player’s name and number are featured on the back [in navy] outlined in white.

The new top was designed by the Rays and officials from Major League Baseball and if the first addition to the team’s on-field apparel since the re-branding of the franchise in November, 2007.

“Rays apparel, marked by our signature sunburst and light blue accents, has been embraced by fans throughout the state of Florida and across the nation,” said Rays President Matt Silverman. “The amplified sunburst on our new alternate jersey represents the brightness of our organization and its growing impact throughout the Tampa Bay region and central Florida.”

This first addition since November 2007, eh? Man, they really were due for a makeover.

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  1. Jason @ IIATMS said...

    I think EVERY professional league/team needs to have some sort of jersey policy which basically states:

    “If you own a jersey that a) has been outdated but subsequent stylistic/name changes or b) of a player no longer on the team, you can come trade that jersey in for 30% the cost of a new one.  All traded-in jersies will be donated to a local charity benefitting the homeless/needy families.”

    These constant “alternate” jersey money grabs suck.

  2. Sara K said...

    Oh, I see. They are now “rays of sunshine” rather than potentially deadly oceanic creatures. SPF jokes, anyone?

  3. Owen said...

    Screw the jerseys, why don’t they change names every few years. “You’re still wearing a ‘Rays’ jersey, get with the times, they’re the ‘Beams’ now.”

  4. jim said...

    I do not know why everyone gets worked up about alternate jerseys?  Are the true fans the ones with jerseys from back in day!  Beer stains be damned!!  I am an oakland A’s fan and there is nothing better than putting the eck jersey or henderson jersey.

    If someone wants to buy a new jersey cuz its a bit of fun.  Who cares!!!

  5. Rob Nelson said...

    The team’s name would make more sense if it were the Tampa Bays Ball Club.

    “Bays Ball” is perfect. The Tampa Bay Rays looks like a typo. The Tampa Bays sounds like a team.

    Bays Ball been very good lately. But to rename the team after a New York City pizza place (The Famous Original Rays) has never made sense to me.

    Just saying.

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