It’s not over until the fat reliever pitches

I’m not a fan of opera, but if you put a gun to my head and make me watch “Tosca,” I’d prefer to do it this way:

While all the Opera House performances require tickets ranging from $15 to $290, the performance scheduled for simulcast at 8 tonight from the Opera House to the AT&T Ballpark is free . . . a free, live, high-definition video simulcast transmitted straight from the War Memorial Opera House to the AT&T Ballpark scoreboard. Folks can enjoy all the traditional ballpark fare of hot dogs, garlic fries and cold beer while watching the unforgettable opera outdoors.

If it rains, they’ll make it up as a doubleheader with “La bohème” next week. Either way, I’m bringing my radio and listening to the Giants-Marlins game.

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  1. Andy said...

    That would be great!  I enjoy the Met’s HD broadcasts of their Operas to various movie theaters around the country.  Much more comfortable than the actual opera house.  Bigger, softer, reclining seats, plus I can wear jeans and get popcorn.

  2. Michael said...

    I’ll be sitting with the guys who have painted their chests to spell out “CAVARADOSSI.”

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