Iwamura to Return Monday

Akinori Iwamura has been playing in rehab games recently, and could potentially come off the Disabled List on Monday. When he does, he will most likely resume his role as the Devil Rays’ everyday third basemen.

“He’s doing very well,” manager Joe Maddon said. “He hasn’t felt any pulling sensation in his side.”

Iwamura was a guy I liked a lot in the beginning of the season (and even picked up in one league, although he surprisingly went on the DL the next day). He had an 82% Contact rate, 21.1% BB rate, and a 29.5% LD rate. While the BB rate and LD% should drop, as long as they don’t go too far Iwamura could hit over .300. He also had 3 SBs and could get 20 or 25 if he doesn’t get injured again. He only had 1 HR, but it had a True Distance of 414 feet, according to HitTracker. He could end up with 15 HRs. The D’Rays’ lineup is good, so Iwamura should also get plenty of RBIs and Runs.

If you need a 3B, Iwamura seems like he can help you in every category. Now’s the time to pick him up.

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