Jeff Pearlman Interview at IIATMS

Jason has 20 questions for author/Facebook addict Jeff Pearlman about his new book “The Rocket that Fell to Earth.” Pearlman is a really direct guy, so there’s a lot of good stuff in there. My favorite part:

IIATMS: Does Clemens regret:
a. Using?
b. His defense?
c. Anything?

JP: Roger Clemens doesn’t do regret.

It seems that people either love Pearlman’s work or hate it, and my guess is that it’s that kind of directness, as opposed to a more detached reporter’s perspective that accounts for that. Indeed, there have been times when I’ve taken issue with Pearlman’s stuff for exactly that reason. Still, I think we’re better off having someone like Pearlman around. He’s insanely prolific, picks interesting subjects and, while he may occasionally engage in some hyperbole, you always know where he’s coming from.

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  1. themarksmith said...

    I actually sent him an email after that exact article about Torre stating why it wasn’t his fault and why Cashman and others were responsible. He didn’t call me an idiot, but he implied it. Since then, I haven’t really read any of his stuff.

  2. kendynamo said...

    yeah i’d say pearlman’s positive’s out weigh his negatives.  he can be a bit of blowhard but then again, he also wrote the john rocker piece.  and without that, we might not have Kenny Powers and Eastbound & Down.  so really, he’s got a lot of goodwill built up.

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