Journal on Sports and Entertainment Law

The people ar Harvard Law School are really smart. For one thing, they didn’t let me in, which in hindsight was probably a very good idea. I probably wouldn’t have given them any money after I graduated, and my rantings about how lame law school can be would have reflected poorly on them instead of GW. Well played, Harvard, well played . . .

They’re also smart because they just approved the creation of a new sports law journal, the Journal on Sports and Entertainment Law. This is cool because, while there are a handful of journals in this area, there is probably way more scholarship to be done than can fit in those that exist. Sports and entertainment Law covers a lot of ground — antitrust law, copyright law, labor law, civil procedure, corporate law, contract law, real estate law, you name it — but they converge in funny ways when athletes and sports franchises and actors are involved, so it’s a good thing that they have their own space. This is where the legally and scolarly-minded among you fit in:

My man Moshe Mandel — who, among others, serves on the nascent publication’s submissions committee — informs me that the inaugural issue will be coming out soon, and that they’re looking for submissions. Unlike blogging, this is somewhat more serious business, so please, obey the Blue Book and don’t use the terms “y’all,” “anyways,” “ass-ton” or “bogus.” Sentences that begin with “The way I see it . . .,” “Which is stupid, because . . .,” and “As if.” are also strongly discouraged. You can use the word “exacerbate,” but please don’t giggle when you do. At least if you can possibly avoid it. Which I never can.

Anyways, the way I see it, is that ya’ll should come up with something. Submissions should be directed here.

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  1. Aaron Moreno said...

    Pepperdine has one too, Craig! We also have that guy who goes on ESPN all the time and tells you nothing that you didn’t know about steroids and the law.



  2. Carroll said...

    Anyways ya’ll, the way I see it, there are an ass-ton of bogus JSELs (e.g. Pepperdine, Marquette).  Which is stupid because I disagree.  With Harvard’s bloated payroll, legal journals will be tainted forever, I hope they call it *Asterisk.


  3. dlreed52 said...

    I once used the word “exacerbate” in a letter to the editor of my college newspaper.  He substituted another word in the published piece, explaining to me later that he felt that only a few readers would understand what “exacerbate” meant.

    That was in New England and, no, not at Harvard….

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