Judge to Jamie McCourt: No you can not have your job back

Not yours:

A court commissioner has denied Jamie McCourt’s bid to be reinstated as the chief executive of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon ruled Thursday in Los Angeles there is no state law to support her bid.

I hate it when judges cite B.S. reasons for ruling against you. Stuff like “there’s no state law to support your arguments” and “your pleading was a month late” and “you’re not wearing any pants, Mr. Calcaterra, please cover yourself before I throw you in jail, you utter disgrace of an attorney.”

You know, just by way of example.

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  1. Craig Calcaterra said...

    Pylon: be honest—are you gonna miss me when I’m gone?  Will you still write? I mean, the NBC commenters bring the hate, but they don’t light my fire the way you do, baby.

  2. Mode said...

    Why am I having flashbacks to a movie courtroom scene where the lawyer says “Do you know the penal code in this county,” while waving a large rubber phallus.

    If I’m not mistaken middle aged Tony Dow and Jerry Mathers were in the courtroom at the time.

  3. Kevin S. said...

    Craig, that last part makes me wonder – did your notoriety as Shysterball ever come up in the courtroom, even in informal or off-the-record ways?  Seems weird to be better known in one’s moonlighting career than his or her first profession (though this is no longer an issue for you).

    Strange things stoke my curiosity.

  4. Craig Calcaterra said...

    Never really did, Kevin. About three or four months ago opposing counsel in one of my cases apparently googled me and started reading, and then at one conference said something about something I wrote. I was rather taken aback in a world’s-colliding kind of way.

    It was especially weird because it was one of the rare times I wrote something about a case I was working on, saying something like “I had a hearing, but it was cool because the Judge didn’t like the other guy’s argument very much.”  He said “well, I didn’t think the judge liked your argument either.” Thankfully he was being really good natured about it and everything.

    Um, so, if you’re reading this Curt: hello!

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