Just another ten-percenter (his mind is like an ocean)

Boras. Tellem. Greenberg. Hendricks. Levinson.


Bret Saberhagen, the two-time Cy Young Award winner from Cleveland High in Reseda, has just joined the agent business.

West Coast Sports Management, the Pasadena-based firm headed by former Dodgers general manager Dan Evans, hired Saberhagen this week, and his primary responsibilities will be to evaluate and recruit pitchers.

I expect great things from him next year. And in 2011, 2013, 2015 . . . .

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  1. Jason said...

    that is a GREAT reference!  took me a split second to get it.

    just make sure he doesnt have any bleach with him during the arbitration meetings.

  2. BillyBeaneisMyHero said...

    I cracked up when I read that.  I just checked his baseball reference page though.  He had a great season in 1994 (152 ERA+ and was healthy) and in 1998 (119 ERA+ and a better than 3:1 K/BB ratio).

  3. William said...

    It is a good move by the association to hire him as an agent to take up this new role. After so many years of experience, Bret has a little more knowledge and skills about pitching as compared to the rest, thus to evaluate and recruit pitchers will be of no issue to him. He knows the technique really well and is able to spot any great talent within just a matter of seconds. Thus, the association can rest assured that future pitchers would all be of a credible quality and will bring great benefit to all the future teams that they will be deployed to.
    William: http://www.pitchingteacher.com/

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