Keith Law up for Auction

As of 4:15pm today, it will cost you $441 to get in on this action:

If you think you’ve got an eye for baseball, then this package is for you! Accompany’s Keith Law to a minor league baseball game and learn how scouts watch and analyze players. Learn how to detect flaws and strengths in a pitcher’s mechanics or a batter’s swing. Test out your new knowledge with Keith at your side as you try to distinguish the real prospects, the five tool guys, from the rest of the pack . . . Keith Law and the winner of this experience will work out the details of where and when this experience will take place. Please keep in mind this experience will take place at a minor league park in New England.

I’m glad I lingered on the site long enough to discover that the auction was to benefit a public television station, because for a minute there I worried that it was the worst personal ad ever.

(Thanks to Taylor Archambault for the heads up)

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  1. Drew said...

    You know, I re-read the first sentence of the spiel there with the mindset that it was a personal ad, and it takes on a whole new meaning.

    Seriously, though, I bet that would be a ball.

  2. Jake said...

    hell, for one-third that money I’ll be happy to argue the relative merits of BA vs OPS while watching Juan Pierre bat.

    wait … he’s done *what* since Manny got suspended???

  3. Kevin S. said...

    “wait … he’s done *what* since Manny got suspended???”

    Taken receipt of all packages shipped to “LA Dodgers’ left fielder,” apparently. wink

  4. Kevin S. said...

    “wait … he’s done *what* since Manny got suspended???”

    Taken receipt of packages addressed to “LA Dodgers’ left fielder,” apparently. wink

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