The University of Utah baseball team is going to host something next month called “An Evening with Harmon Killebrew.”

I love me some Killebrew, but I have this feeling that an evening with him involves a bland meat dinner of some sort, followed by eleven pages of the “Saturday Evening Post” in an armchair, followed by an extended nap in said armchair, followed by turning in to bed at around, oh, 8:45, wearing a full sleeping gown and nightcap.

And it’s probably worse since he quit playing.

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  1. The Common Man said...

    You don’t think the Utes are going to take Harm out clubbing?  I hear that Salt Lake City gets down…until 11:00.  Still, the couple of times I’ve met Harmon Killebrew, he’s been exceedingly gracious, I can only imagine an evening with him would be fascinating and illuminating.  Also, I’ve never seen anyone look more like a kindly old grandpa, and that includes my own kindly old grandpa.

  2. Ron said...

    Did you know that Harmon was the first guy to play for the Royals to make the Hall of Fame.

    Hey, it’s all we have.

  3. Matt said...

    Til I read this I wanted Guantanamo closed.  I’m having second thoughts.

    People aren’t allowed to talk about Harmon that way.

  4. Greg Rollins said...

    As someone who wistfully remembers the days when “marquee” players like Killebrew made $100k/year, I wouldn’t mind spending a few hours in his company—and I’m not even a Twins fan. But hey, I think Bert Blyleven got screwed (again), so what do I know.

  5. David Rasmussen said...

    I met Harmon when I was ten and he signed his autograph and was nice to me.  Last Summer, he hosted a pre-day game lunch near the Dome that I wish I would have attended.  (I got there after the bunch, but saw the sign.)  As I stare at Harmon’s bobblehead, perched above my computer monitor, and as someone who watched Puckett live in 1991 WS Game VI, Harmon is the best Twin to ever play the game.  No one was/is classier.

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