Knuckleballers: 1, Earthlings: 0

Purveyors of the knuckly arts are, above all else, survivors:

Scott Baker’s Opening Night assignment has been called off. And so has the Philip Humber-R.A. Dickey roster competition.

The right-hander was placed on the disabled list today after he experienced some stiffness in his right shoulder while pitching against Class AAA Norfolk on Wednesday.

Baker will be replaced Monday night at the Metrodome against the Seattle Mariners by Francisco Liriano, who receives the first Opening Day assignment of his career.

Liriano will be followed by Nick Blackburn on Tuesday, then Kevin Slowey and Glen Perkins. Friday’s starter in Chicago figures to be Dickey, whose quest for a roster spot has been successful, at least until Baker returns.

Or until the cold-blooded assassin that is R.A. Dickey decides to off another member of the rotation in order to maintain his place. Nick Blackburn: consider yourself warned.

(link via BTF)

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  1. Leo said...

    As a Twins fan, this is not a good thing.  With Mauer out for who knows how long, and their ace or No. 2 out, things don’t look good. 

    Here’s hoping Dickey is another Wakefield/Niekro/Candiotti and not a gimmick.

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