La Russa and Piniella

They’re too experienced and professional to actually get into a proper pissing match, but I kinda wish this little nothing of an exchange would turn into one. For one thing, it would make the Cubs-Cardinals rivalry even more interesting. For another, it would make me like Lou Piniella even more than I do.

I think ultimately Piniella would win the fight too, because La Russa is way too humorless to last long in one of these things.

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  1. Ted said...

    I would love to see LaRussa get into it with old Lou. I think he could really throw off Lou and probably the whole Cubs team, because there players are not exactly the most composed in the league

  2. Kelly said...

    Then we’d see this headline:

    “Lou Piniella attempted to enter into a pissing match with Tony LaRussa but LaRussa was too busy making a pitching change to notice.”

  3. frank said...

    Dont forget Lou and Tony are both contemporaries from Tampa and were from rival high schools.  This goes way back.

  4. MB21 said...

    Ted, if it were that easy, don’t you think that LaRussa would have already done it?  You really think that a pissing match is going to throw off the Cubs?  If it’s even possible that could happen, and I find it terribly unlikely, the same would be true for the Cardinals, would it not?

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