Last ember in the hot stove

One scans the wire reports in this line of work, and sometimes the wire reports contain strange things. Like this list of remaining free agents:

BOSTON (5) – Paul Byrd, rhp; Sean Casey, 1b; Curt Schilling, rhp; Mike Timlin, rhp.

CLEVELAND (1) – Scott Elarton, rhp.

DETROIT (2) – Todd Jones, rhp; Kenny Rogers, lhp.

NEW YORK (1) – Mike Mussina, rhp.

OAKLAND (2) – Keith Foulke, rhp; Frank Thomas, dh.

I mean, I suppose that’s useful on some “I’m the 17th sub-assistant to the Assistant GM and I read everything” level, but I can’t exactly feature some major daily newspaper picking this up off the wire and running it.

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  1. Pete Toms said...

    Not too arcane for me…I went to the link and read the whole list.  Why isn’t Odalis Perez there?  (or did I miss his name?)  I’ve been waiting all year for him to sign!

  2. morineko said...

    Byrd isn’t officially retired and IIRC Foulke is pitching in the Atlantic League.

    What was the deal with Elarton anyway?

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