Living in the 90th Percentile

Writing from the future — November of this year to be exact — The OC Register’s Sam Miller has fun with the 90th percentile of the PECOTA projections for the Angels:

Nobody would have ever believed the Angels would win 120 games – a new Major League record – but with no holes in the lineup, they had the highest team OBP since the 1999 Indians, and easily outslugged that Cleveland team. Like the ’99 Tribe, the Angels scored 1,000 runs. Combine that with the team’s 3.27 ERA (easily the best in baseball), and the Angels allowed only 580 runs. In fact, the geniuses would note that a team with 1,000 runs scored, and 580 runs allowed, would actually be projected to win 121 games, but the 2009 Angels got a bit unlucky.

Next week Sam will write again from November 2009, this time explaining how a 120-42 team managed to lose in the first round to the Red Sox.

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