1. Chris said...

    Good article but I think he got Colby Rasmus mixed up with Ryan Ludwick due to the brother-traded-for-Mcguire mention…

  2. Jason @ IIATMS said...

    Well, I’m looking for a fresh start.  Sometimes a change of scenery will help.

    /can someone change my scenery, please?

  3. Ralph said...

    I like hearing about who came to spring training 25 pounds lighter, due to all of the *yoga* they’ve been doing in the offseason.  Pudge discovered yoga about 3 years ago, as did a bunch of other power hitters…

  4. APBA Guy said...

    I can’t wait to see what business related expressions creep into sports, since so many sports expressions have crept into business:

    “I expect him to hit north of 35 homeruns.”

    “He lost his focus, he needs to refocus and get his post-season activity up.”

    “We’re bullish on our new pitcher.”

    “Our expectations for the Nationals have just cratered.”

    New managers use these a lot to let their bosses know they “mean business.”

    Then there are the rookie cliches:

    “I’m just glad to be here.” Suitable for all occassions.

    “I’m learning a lot just by being here.” On how to hoard meal money.

    “I have nothing but respect for Skip and the coaching staff.” What are they talking about? Please, tell me.

    “X is a legend as a player. It’s a privelege to be on the field with him.” X is so old, I’m amazed he can still stand upright.

    “I’m here to do whatever the manager tells me to do.” Really. If I can even make the MLB minimum for one year, it’s 10 times what my friends back home make.

    The list is endless, which is why so many of us don’t watch the pre-game shows, and watch the broadcast with the sound off.

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