Luck, or something more?

Those of us who are both (a) familiar with the concept of Pythagorean record; and (b) kind of glib and lazy about our use of sabermetric terminology, have often, at least subconsciously, used it as a synonym for luck. But is it really? Sam Miller at the OC Register isn’t so sure. A block quote doesn’t do it justice, so please click through. Especially Angels’ fans.

BTW: how cool is it that a mainstream paper devotes blogspace in which writers may feel free to expound statistically?

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  1. Aaron Moreno said...

    I’m an Angels fan. And I clicked through. And I know we’re going to be much worse, and that the 2008 Angels were probable the worst 100-win team ever. I know that.

    Just let me believe in Kendry Morales and Brandon Wood until April, alright? Just give me that.

  2. Detroit Michael said...

    Cool that the article linked to a 2007 piece of David Gassko research from

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