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  1. Definitely more insightful than a one-sentence comparison, especially for newer and younger fans who aren’t as familiar with previous generation players.

  2. I’m not sure why we would cap the SO at 180 when he’s striking out 36% of the time.  I don’t know if that restriction eliminated any comps, but one guy close, but not quite within those is Mark Reynolds. 

    I enjoyed the article, but there still seems to be some aversion to finding comps that suggest some real downside.  I think downside comps often do the best job of conveying variability, given the context of somebody being extremely hyped.

  3. I love the methodology and appreciate the effort to provide a range of outcomes with different players as data points.

    One quibble with the Stanton comparisons: Dave Winfield and Frank Robinson aren’t terrible comparable so it’s a bit of a stretch to put them together as Stanton’s high end. Winfield hit 35 or more homers only once in his career; Robinson did so in five of his first 12 years. Winfield topped 30 homers only three times and his wOBA was well below Robinson. For that matter, Murphy was a better hitter in his peak than Winfield. In the six-year stretch you point out for Murphy, his wOBA was at least .389 in all but one year; Winfield reached that mark just three times in his career. Winfield was a very good hitter who was remarkable for his longevity and his athleticism in his prime. While BA brought him off I think your analysis is better with him left out altogether.

    That’s a rather long quibble so let it not detract from my main point which is to tip my hat to a much more thoughtful way of projecting prospects. Nice work.

  4. Great article and yes, would love to see a Heyward projection in light of his ridiculously mature approach at the plate at such a young age. Williams, Ott, Mathews, Kaline, geez….it’s all downhill from here to Cooperstown