Man, those Giles brothers are charming

First Brian, now Marcus:

Former Padres second baseman Marcus Giles was arrested early Wednesday morning on charges of domestic battery involving his wife, El Cajon Police Sgt. Fenton Sue said. Sue said police were called to Interstate 8 at Greenfield Drive at 3:20 a.m. by California Highway Patrol officers who were with Giles, 31, and his wife, who were in a vehicle that was pulled over, Sue said. It’s unclear if it was the CHP officers who had stopped the car.

Giles’ wife told officers she was making a citizen’s arrest on her husband for battery, Sue said. She said Giles was taken into custody and is being booked on charges of domestic battery on a spouse.

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  1. Chris H. said...

    El Cajon?

    Not where I’d picture a pro athlete living, but then again I’m a slave to cliches and stereotypes.

  2. Kahuna Tuna said...

    It’s pretty clear that the Gileses were only driving through El Cajon when the arrest happened.  (Another story stated that their car was parked on the side of Interstate 8.)  Maybe they were on their way back from Viejas Casino to, I don’t know, Poway.

    Yeah, not a happy story.

  3. Chris H. said...

    My bad on the El Cajon remark, then.

    Never even been to Alpine.  Had to look it up on a map.

    So I wonder…is there something about pro athletes that makes them more likely to be spouse-abusers, or is it just that they get more attention ‘cause they’re famous?

  4. Tim said...

    Too much money in the hands of young players has changed the game and conduct dramatically.  I played 8 years pro ball in the O’s organization during the ‘60’s and have written a book about the experience.  “Beating About the Bushes” is available on, (excerpt available or a personalized copy direct from me at
    .  In the 8 years i played there were only a couple of divorces and zero spousal abuses.-Tim

  5. Tim said...

    The house they live in is listed on  They paid 2.1 mil in 2006 and their taxes last year were 24,000

  6. Jake said...

    One is supposed to stop by the side of the freeway only in case of an emergency.  “Gotta get my beat on” is quite a stretch for the definition of that word.

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