Managerial Style

Russ Smith at Splice Today, after some kind words about Tim Marchman with which I wholeheartedly agree, wonders what it might look like if managers went all Connie Mack on us, sartorially speaking:

I really think it’d be swell to see managers in Sunday church threads, making their way to the mound with a tie blown by the wind. The Cardinals’ Tony LaRussa would, guaranteed, be dressed like a mafia thug; Tampa Bay’s Joe Maddon might warm to the idea and sport a boater; old-schooler Jim Leyland of the Tigers would, it says here, set the pace for sartorial dominance, perhaps with a three-piece blue pinstripe suit, marred only by a few stray ashes of his last cigarette. Francona, no clotheshorse, is the logical candidate for the American League’s schlub award, but at least he’d be good-natured about it.

I’m not sure how I’d feel about that. Sure, anything that spares me Bobby Cox’s gut straining to escape a uniform top is certainly a good thing, but I just can’t imagine what a manager’s Oxford’s or wingtips would look like after walking around on floor that looks like this for three hours.

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  1. Mike McClary said...

    Can you imagine the number of dress shirts Tony LaRussa would run through during an August night game at Busch?

  2. Kaitlin B. said...

    That floor is so insanely disgusting, I was almost sick at the sight of it. I fear for wingtips and oxfords everywhere.

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