Manny to NY?  Why not?

In response to the Yankees’ reported interest in Manny Ramirez, Jason at IIATMS says “But three years? On THIS team? With this many 35 year olds who will need to have a day or two in the DH role? Good lord, no!!!!”

Good point! Everyone knows that the Yankees are getting old, but it’s worth remembering that, if Manny signs, the opening day starters would look something like this (2009 season-age in parenthesis):

C Posada (37)
1B Swisher (28)
2B Cano (26)
3B Rodriguez (33)
SS Jeter (35)
RF Nady (30)
CF Cabrera or maybe Cameron (24 or 36)
LF/DH: Some combination of Manny, Damon, and Matsui (37, 35, and 35).

That’s not a baseball team. That’s the cast of “The Big Chill,” with Cano playing the Meg Tilly character. Between innings they can listen to oldies and talk about what happened to their vanished youth.

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  1. Jason @ IIATMS said...

    EDIT: Between innings they can listen to Madonna’s greatest hits and talk about what happened to their vanished youth.

    With Madonna there in person with her ghastly sunken cheeks, sinewy arms and veiny man-hands…ready to hold Alex tightly after the game.

    I will now wretch

  2. The Common Man said...

    I wonder how the Yankees are valuing defense.  If defense really is the new OBP in terms of being undervalued and underrated, can the Yankees of all teams be this far behind the curve?  And, if so, who is responsible for their inefficient philosophy, and should they be on the chopping block?

  3. Jason @ IIATMS said...

    TCM: I can only guess that the Manny-love is coming from Hank.  Or I can only hope, that is.  A guy with a taste for the biggest names, like his father, with no regard to fit or function.  In a league that is clearly moving towards faster, younger, more athletic, the Yanks would be going slower, older, immobile.

    I’d also like to hope that the more level-headed guys (Hal, Cashman) are not seriously considering a multi-year offer for his Mannyness.

    I reserve the right to be staggeringly wrong, as usual.

  4. MooseinOhio said...

    First – I suggest the Kevin Costner role is filled by Posada if he is allowed to catch otherwise to Melky if he is still there as his psyche has to dead by now.

    Secondly – Demographically speaking I think Craig just left ever under 30 reader scratching there heads with the Big Chill reference.  I suspect Google just got a bunch of hits referencing a great movie for the 40 plus crowd.

  5. Mark said...

    They can yell at the visiting team to get off their lawn, and to turn down that darn rock and roll music when the anthem is played.

  6. yankeeh8er said...

    Why not indeed. Hell… billion dollar payroll for a season? Get Manny, Tex, Peavey, … What OTHER hundred million dollar contract can they BUY?  I just HOPE they wind up BANKRUPT. AND.. Not make the playoffs again.
    They are making a JOKE out of the salary cap. And OUT PRICE all the players. I AM SO SICK OF THIS CIELING LESS SPENDING BY THESE JERKS.

  7. Craig Calcaterra said...

    yankeeh8er:  you get a +1 for living up to your name.  You get a -1, however, for accusing the Yankees of making a joke out of a non-existant salary cap.  You and I may not like the way they play, but they’re playing fair and square.

  8. Craig Calcaterra said...

    I’ll give him a pass on that, Ben.  Good spleen cannot be bothered with sound grammar.  Sometimes you just gotta bring the noise.

  9. Jason @ IIATMS said...

    I love the hate too.  So what’s his argument going to be when the Sawx go 8 yrs/$250M on Teix.

    Then what?

    Who dumped the crickets in here?!?

  10. MooseinOhio said...

    Jason:  If the Sox give Texiera $31.25 mil a year I will officially denounce my membership to RSN and may consider if they go much higher than $20mil/year or exceed 8 years.  In fact a part of me want them to back away completely and win the AL East with the team they have and show others that they can win with drafted and developed talent and not high prices FAs.

    Of course I do appreciate you calling out the hypocrisy of any Red Sox fan who complains about the Yankees soending money.  Any fan of a team with a payroll over $100 million cannot make use of the inflated payroll argument – that is truly restricted territory and can only be use by the fans of teams with limited funding sources.

  11. MooseinOhio said...

    Still makes me cringe.  I really struggle with guaranteeing that much money over so many years, especially as it helps set the bar higher.

    Again a large part of me really wants them to walk away completely, sign Smoltz and a decent RH 4th outfielder and let minor leaguers fill in the remaining spots.  That is, win with basically what they have which is a nice blend of homegrown talent, some good players via trade and couple of right fill in the gaps FA talent.  You know – kind of like the Yankees did when they went of that great run in the late 1990’s.

  12. Jason @ IIATMS said...

    Moose: I hear ya, too.  There’s something completely distasteful about the conspicuous consumption.  Yet, there’s a big pie to spend and either it goes towards on-field talent or into the hands of the Steinbrenner family and other minority owners.

  13. Ben said...

    According to h8er, Shyster is a Yankee fan. I would like to be first in welcoming you to the Evil Empire. You should be receiving your membership card in the mail soon…also you won’t be needing that heart of yours, so just mail that back to us when you get a chance and we can dispose of it.

  14. Jason @ IIATMS said...

    Hater, the insults are humorous and I don’t mind them one bit.  Really.  Keep the ranting.

    And do I really care if my team “gives a squat” about me or my family?  No, I just want them to win, whatever team it is in whatever city I’m in.  I’m a big boy and don’t need my team to care for me.  I’ve got that covered elsewhere.

    As for ruining the game, I’ll say “prove it”.  Show me where the game has faltered as a result.  Higher revenues across the board is bad?  I’m not saying my hometown team is solely responsible for that but they aren’t the scourge of the industry either.  The Yanks can continue to pay and still not win. 

    And why so pro-Management instead of pro-Labor? 

    Lastly, and I will ask this again since you seem to be avoiding it: What will you say when/if your hometown team lands Teixeira in a $200m deal?  Then what?

  15. Jason @ IIATMS said...

    Hater: there is no salary cap; never was, never will be.  There is, however, a luxury tax.  The threshold this year (someone correct me if I’m off) is in the neighboorhood of $140 million.  Depending on the number of years you have been over the threshold, your tax rate escalates to a max of 40%.

    So yes, the Yanks are paying $1.40 for every $1 over the $140m threshold.  At $200m, they are paying an EXTRA $24m.

    This doesn’t include Revenue Sharing payments.

    So hate the Yanks all you wish, but they are helping other teams keep their studs.

    And Hater, one more thing that I’d love to get your thoughts on:  When the Sox sign Teix to an 8 year, $200m contract, putting him at the 2nd highest AAV and Total Value contract in the game, what will you have to say for your Big Market Spending Team?  What say you then?

  16. yankeeh8r said...

    Just another reason to hate them.

    I can’t believe you actually believe the yankers HELP the league. If they didn’t ALREADY over pay and run the salaries through the ceiling. There wouldn’t be a need for the luxury tax in the first place.
    How can you sit there and watch them claim the land, worth 24 mil. Pay some DOUCHE to change it to over 200 mil… Get a BILLION dollar tax break. And imediatly launder it thru OVER PAYING 250 mil on 2 players.crazy
    IF YOU SUPPORT THIS?  YOU’RE AS BIG A JERK OFF AS THEY ARE.  You’d steal from your neighbor too wouldn’t ya?

  17. Craig Calcaterra said...

    H8R:  offer the strongest opinions you’d like on the opinions of the day, but if you continue to attack people, you’re banned from the board.

  18. yankeeh8r said...

    I said “IF” you support this. And if banning me helps you sleep at night go for it… POINT IS The team you support.. doesn’t give a SQUAT about you. Or your family. And they are ruining the game. And I can’t believe you can’t see it… enough said

  19. anthony manorville said...

    If the Yankees sign Manny (crazy lazy man)Ramirez this winter… will be the biggest disgrace to the Yankee uniform. I can see the Bambino spinning in his grave !! Manny is the biggest waste of talent. Please Brian….say NO NO NO to this overpriced waste.

  20. udon'tnome said...

    I already said how I would feel.. The same way I feel about the red sox already..  I HATE ‘EM. As well as ALL the money grubbing east coast teams. I relish the days NONE of them make the play offs. And the team files chapter 11

      I am a ROYALS fan. Always will be. NOW you see why I am so PEAVED. Yankers get a tax BREAK for their corruptnes. And sign 2 players for what MY team practically pays for the entire team for a year. And you all think its a GOOD thing? Good for the sport.?
      WOW…! I guess all there is left to do is watch the 300 million dollar team NOT make the playoffs AGAIN… THEN read all your excuses for why that happened. I am truly looking forward to it.

  21. Ben said...

    I’d be more pissed about spending what little money the Royals have on Kyle Farnsworth than to worry about what the Yankees, a team not even in your division, are doing.

  22. yankeeh8r said...

    Sorry for the boff…  Guess I could have said “roof”  haha

      But clear me up here. There IS no salary cap? I thought there was some sort of compensation patment for the teams going over a certain amount. I know the revenue is split somewhat evenly for the garb whatnots.

  23. h8r said...

    I completely agree with that. Unfortunately, they don’t ask me before they do stupid stuff.
    And, DIVISIONS have NOTHING to do with this. Its baseball. and unscrupulous actions. in the neighborhood of a BILLION dollars. That effects every team. Don’t you get that. Not to mention the 175+ million laundered through the property.
      Man.. We may as well let that [stupid racial epithet deleted: I’m warning you H8er—knock it off]  in Chicago run baseball. I’d write his name, but I have enough trouble meeting your spelling criterion.

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