Maryland to officially honor the Negro Leagues

The State of Maryland is poised to enact an official day in honor of the Negro Leagues:

The bill, received favorably by the committees in which they were introduced, is expected to breeze through, and Jones is confident it will be signed by Gov. Martin O’Malley in time for Negro Baseball League Day to be celebrated next year, and on the second Saturday in May thereafter. It is believed that Maryland would become the first state to officially commemorate the Negro leagues.

Ideally, the annual commemoration will illuminate the depth of the history black baseball shares with Maryland. It is home to some of its most famous teams (the Baltimore Elite Giants), most extensive leagues (the Tri-State League, which was still active in segregated ball’s final days in the late 1950s), oldest ballpark still standing (in Oakville in St. Mary’s County) — and, of course, greatest players, such as Hall of Famers Judy Johnson and [Leon] Day. Geraldine Day, who still lives in Baltimore, received an ovation from the House of Delegates committee members and attendees when she was introduced.

Pretty sweet.

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  1. Troy Patterson said...

    This came through in my RSS feed as “Maryland to Honor the Negro”.  To say I was confused was an understatement.

    Very cool though and hopefully more states commemorate this as well.

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