McCarver wins

Tim McCarver has won a legal victory against the investment advisor he claims fleeced him:

Memphis native and sports broadcaster Tim McCarver has been awarded $100,000 in compensatory damages as a result of the arbitration claim he filed over losses from Morgan Keegan & Co. mutual fund investments.

The award was much smaller than the more than $1.6 million he sought, but McCarver’s lawyer told The Daily News his client was satisfied with the award.

“Morgan Keegan was found liable. I am delighted. Justice was served,” is the statement McCarver asked his lawyer, Dale Ledbetter, to share.

Probably good that he let his lawyer make the statement. If he had made his own statement, it would have gone something like this:

McCarver: You see, the arbitrators took my arbitration complaint, and then they arbitrated it. In that process, known as arbitration, they came to the conlusion that I was due an award. And then, as arbitrators are required to make a ruling following the proceedings — again, known as arbitration — they made that ruling, in the amount of $100,000. So I will be receiving $100,000 in the form of an arbitration award.

Buck: Thanks Tim. And while we were discussing that, Bobby Grich came out of retirement, turned an unassisted triple play, and then left the stadium on the back of a winged stallion of some kind. We’ll try to get a reply for you right after these messages.

(link via BTF)

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  1. kendynamo said...

    i lot of people don’t understand the infield fly rule.  the way the infield fly rule works is simple, when there is a fly ball in the infield, a ruling is made.  i expect the teams here today to abide by any rulings made as a result of any infield flys.

  2. MooseinOhio said...

    Great job but you forgot the “the highlight is proudly brought to you by the ABC Widget company that looks amazing in the newest and most lifelike SONY HDTV ever”.

  3. Rusty said...

    “In my view, as good as the Yankees were in the first half of this game, that’s how as bad they’ve been now.”

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