Meaningless Predictions

I’m not a huge fan of writing big predictions pieces. It just seems to daunting, by the time my thoughts have crystalized about what might happen in the upcoming season, everyone has already written theirs, and the season has started. Oh, and I’m always wrong too. Other than that, they’re great. That said, when someone shoots me an email and says “what’s gonna happen?” I usually crank out 200-500 words instantly. The lesson here: don’t think — it can only hurt the ballclub.

Russ Smith of Splice Today shot me one of those emails over the weekend — shot them to Jonah Keri, Tim Marchman, and David Pinto too — and out thoughts about 2009, as well as Russ’ own, can be found at Splice’s Opening Day post.

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  1. Grant said...

    Smith actually thinks the O’s should put Wieters in the opening day lineup? Well, that’s pretty dumb. Sounds like a good way to alienate your fans, not get them to come out to the park. But maybe I underestimate the involvement and understanding of the arbitration rules of the typical fan.

  2. Sara K said...

    My meaningless prediction is that Yadi Molina will challenge the season record for assists by a catcher.  A bunch of ground-ball pitchers with a shaky defense behind them?  There’s going to be a lot of guys standing on first this year, and Molina and Pujols have their pickoff play down to a science. Not sure how many of them will be willing to test him on the throw to second, though…

    BTW, did you see that a couple of ESPN staff predict the Cards to win the Central?  One even has them winning the Series! Yikes!

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