1. MooseinOhio said...

    I know some folks that run 5-6 marathons a year, so physical recovery from such an event is not my concern with Okajima.  However marathoning can become addictive and hopefully he won’t want to do the Boston Marathon until he has 1) retired 2) left the Red Sox or 3) signed a huge contract with the Yankees. 

    I wonder if CC could make it through a 10K?  5K?  Anything longer than the buffet line?

  2. Jeff said...

    I’ve never run a marathon, only a half, but he ran a marathon with 1 hour of training per week.  That seems absolutely impossible.  It is quite a testament to his athletic ability (though the 6hrs it took him is pretty glacial).  At the same, it becomes a bigger health risk to go run 26 miles without doing any specific training. 

    He’s very lucky not to have hurt himself, and quite a remarkable athlete.  If I there Theo, I’d be ticked.

  3. MooseinOhio said...

    Hadn’t read the story but now knowing it took him 6 hours to complete changes my perspective somewhat. My wife has walked two marathons in the same time frame and walking has less physical trauma than running and generally has less impact on the body.  The accomplishment of completeing a marathon, in any manner whatsoever, is an incredible feat but walking is certainly less tramatic than walking. 

    For example I have run over a half dozen marathon in about 3 1/2 hours each but can no longer run long distance due to too many knee surgeries.  However I will be training to walk one next fall as walking does not have the same negative impact on my knee and the fitness level achieved in the process actually helps my knee.  So I doubt that Theo and the Sox have too much to be worried about.

  4. Ken said...

    Hairston hasn’t had 500 ABs since 2001. 

    While I don’t want Hairston to be named the starting CF, bringing him back for one year is more than defensible given that the Reds have no outfielders on their 40 man outside of Bruce, Chris Dickerson and (if you count him as a LF) Wilkin Castillo.  Hairston isn’t likely to hit like he did last year, but even a 100 OPS+ with good baserunning is an asset and a better allocation of resources than signing one of the FA corner OFs.  There’s plenty else about the Reds that you can snark about.

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