MLB 2K10 Fathead Jr. Giveaway

2K Sports has offered the chance to win an Evan Longoria Fathead Jr. to THT Fantasy readers to promote the release of MLB 2K10. In case you have never heard of a Fathead it is a wall “sticker” that can be placed on and removed from a wall easily. For a look at the Longoria one you can check here:

I figured why not give it to the person with the quickest Google search since that’s all modern trivia online is. There are two questions, so please answer both and the first correct pair in the comments below will win the Fathead Jr. Both questions are Evan Longoria related since he is the MLB 2K10 cover athlete and on the winning Fathead Jr. (make sure to include your email in the comment so I can contact you).

Question #1: Evan Longoria attended St. John Bosco High School and graduated in 2003. What former ROY winner also attended that school and graduated 12 years before?

Question #2: Longoria transfered to Long Beach State after his freshman year, but was blocked from continuing to play shortstop by what current MLB shortstop?

The game is released this week and for those who don’t have the quickest Google skills, you can order the game through this link before April 2 and also receive a free Fathead Jr. of Longoria.

Here are a couple of screen shots to whet your appetite for the game. I will be giving my thoughts on the game in a short time once I have played it, but this year the game has upped the ante by offering $1 million to the first player to pitch a perfect game. You can get more details from the 2K Sports site about how to enter the contest, but it needs to be a video recorded game and with certain matchups and settings.

MLB 2K10

This year also includes the “My Player Mode” which lets you create your own player and pick your team (not on all systems). You then play only as that player and attempt to create the next Hall of Famer.

MLB 2K10

MLB 2K10

You can also get more details about the game by following @2KSports and their Facebook page.

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