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I’ve been passing along others’ dissatisfaction with for the past couple of days. My guess: things will be running smoother with live broadcasts soon simply because fewer people will be logging on at once now that the Opening Day hype is over and the season is underway. That does not explain the archiving problem identified by Jay over at Fack Youk.

It’s great that MLBAM has developed one of the few truly successful paid-subscription services on the Internet, and it’s even better that they’ve managed to do it with content that isn’t pornography. It would be best, however, if the darn thing worked like it should.

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  1. Robert said...

    I know yesterday I posted saying I had no issues.  Last night, I couldn’t watch games at all….

    The NBA has a similar product that is Flash based and works well.  I hope that MLB can sort things out.

  2. Frankie D said...

    I was able to watch the late games smoothly but I had to turn off ‘nextdef’ and reduce the quality to 3-4 bars.

  3. Melody said...

    I had to reduce quality also, but at least I got it to work. We’ll see how it goes the next week or two…

  4. Hojo said...

    They had similar troubles last year and it all got sorted out within a week or so. I only have to reduce quality when I watch four games at a time. Kind of makes sense since that eats up a ton of bandwidth. It’s probably not necessarily MLB’s fault, just not sure if many internet connections can handle four different HD streams at once.

  5. Wade said...

    I evidently missed the fine print somewhere, but I bought a month’s subscription to watch the Braves games – school in Birmingham – extended cable didn’t make the budget.

    Aaaaanywho, I give ‘em the $20 yesterday , fire it up, and discover that the ATL-PHI was ‘blacked out’.  So I called this morning, only to discover that EVERY Braves game in my zip code is blacked out.  All season.

    I’ll be hearing from their billing/refund department in 10-15 days with a response/decision to my “Cancel-it-and-give-me-back-my-money” request.

    Anyone else having similar problems with regional coverage? Am I alone in making this blunder?

    Is there anybody…out there?

  6. Craig Calcaterra said...

    Wade—welcome to the wonderful world of MLB’s asinine blackout rules.  Basically, if you are deemed to be in the “coverage area” of a team’s regional sports network, you cannot receive their games via the extra innings package or, even if they don’t actually, you know, broadcast in your area.  They could! One day! So don’t you dare use the competition!  It’s especially vexing given that the range of “territories” are outrageoulsy overbroad and often overlap.  I think Las Vegas is claimed by something like four or five teams, though none of them broadcast there, keeping LV residents from seeing games from any of them.

    They’ve been talking about fixing this for years, but they never get around to it.

  7. Wade said...

    Thanks for the get-back Craig.

    I believe that I’m effectively screwed in Birmingham, as I can’t even hear the sweet, sultry sounds of Don “Sweet Lid” Sutton due to no local radio affiliates.  I COULD hear the Philly radio broadcast on, and while they satisfied my need-to-know quota, I really wanted to hear Don.  Alas.

    If left with no alternative but to watch the games at a local watering hole, then so be it.

    Have a good Wednesday everybody.

  8. Jay said...

    Wade -

    I was had by the blackout restrictions as well.

    You’d think the $110 would also cover the ad revenue they were losing by one person not watching the game on the regional network (in my case YES). Nevermind the fact that most people in their home market who have the package are trying to watch at work or somewhere else they don’t have access to a TV. Bogus.

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