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I was interviewed by Russ Smith over at Splice Today, and the results are up here.

Among the covered topics: the future of the Orioles, the future of the Braves, the future of PED scandals, Eric Wedge’s lack of a future, and whether, if forced to choose, I’d rather watch a national FOX broadcast or a national ESPN broadcast. Unfortunately, suicide was not an option, so I had to pick one.

Thanks for the use of the room, Russ.

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  1. MooseinOhio said...

    I wonder if Steve Phillips will venure into Shysterville (ala Geoff Baker) to defend his work as a color commentator.  Would be interesting to hear him try to justify the need for his voice.

    As for PEDs and latino ballplayers I think that is a Pandora’s box MLB, the MLBPA and players do not want opened but I think the lock has been picked, the lid cracked and lots of names are getting ready to come out.

  2. Craig Calcaterra said...

    Jeff—I probably should have said “I don’t know if . . .”  because I’ll admit that I don’t know enough about Matusz to make that judgment.  Looking over his stats briefly suggests that he could be that guy.  Of course, you could have said the same about Homer Bailey a couple of years ago too . . .

  3. Jeff V. said...

    I agree Craig, of course he isn’t can’t miss.  I just think he has a fair shot at it.  Most folks have the whole “big three” projected as #2-#3 starters. 

    With Hansen, Porcello and Price all being promoted I am curious where Tillman and Matusz sit in relation with other pitching prospects currently.

  4. ChuckO said...


    I’m a long-time Braves fan and I’m not as sanguine about their future as you are. I feel that, under the ownership of Liberty Media, they’re an organization that is sliding into mediocrity. It’s not happening quickly because there are enough holdovers from the past who are sort of keeping the ship on course but, as they retire or move on, they’re most likely to be replaced by less capable individuals. For example, are you excited about the prospect of Terry Pendleton as a manager after Bobby Cox? Or even Glen Hubbard for that matter? BTW, I’m willing to bet that Jeff Francoeur is playing RF for the Braves next year. His future is in the hands of the marketing department, not the baseball people. That was made clear when his demotion to the minors last season lasted only three games.

  5. Craig Calcaterra said...

    I hope you’re wrong about that Chuck (i.e. Pendelton and Francoeur).  I’ll admit that I am dubious about Liberty’s ownership, but as long as there continues to be good young talent, I think there is hope.

    That said, if Francoeur comes back next year, I’m going to have to seriously reconsider my position on this.

  6. James said...

    You really think they’re going to bring up Heyward next year?  I don’t see any possibility of that happening, I think they have to give him at least one full year at AA/AAA

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