My Morning in Exile

Sorry it’s been dead today, but work and other stuff has taken much of the wind out of my sails. In the meantime, for your edification and enjoyment, here are the five NBC posts I did this morning:

  • My first impressions of Citi Field. Given that I saw it from the same perspective most of you did — from the couch — I don’t know if it adds anything to the party.
  • If A-Rod says he wants his off-the-field life to be calm like it was in 2007, can we assume that he blotted that business with the stripper and the whole opt-out-clause drama out of his mind?
  • I don’t believe in God, but if I did, I’d thank Him for giving us Vin Scully.
  • When is a retired number not a retired number?
  • And finally, my thoughts on the passing of The Bird.
  • I have a lunch meeting today and some other assorted lawyerly B.S. this afternoon, but there will be some more posting before the whistle blow this evening.

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    1. Craig Calcaterra said...

      Nah, I think they would agree with me that much of what a lawyer has to do is B.S.  The line not to cross is to actually treat it like B.S. in terms of quality of work an all of that.

      But no one can make me enjoy it.

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