My Morning in Exile

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times, I’m now contributing to a group blog over at NBC in addition to my Shysterbally duties. We’re still working the kinks out, but as of today there’s five days worth of content under our belts, and it’s starting to feel a bit more normal. The THT folks have been really nice about accomodating my bloggy polygamy, and I’m grateful for that. In exchange, I’ve made a point to try and keep kosher and not over-pollute this space with linkbacks to the other space, because in a lot of ways they are different worlds.

That said, going forward I’m going to put up one post a day — which I’m tentatively titling “My Morning in Exile” — with links to my NBC stuff so you Calcaterra completists out there don’t have to go clicking all over creation. Thanks for indulging me.

  • Oliver Perez had better hurry up if he wants to be Sandy Koufax.
  • Everything belongs to the Yankees. You’re just borrowing it for a while.
  • My thoughts on Joe Martinez.
  • Pat Burrell returns to Philly to get his ring.
  • Let’s calm down about Kansas City.
  • and

  • How Ichiro’s rehab assignment is like sandlot baseball.
  • I had one more post about how Bob Costas, John Madden, Tina Fey, Matt Lauer, Lorne Michaels and Brian Williams were communists intent on undermining our Republic, but the editors spiked it for some reason. Total ripoff if you ask me, but that’s what happens when you work for The Man.

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    1. Glen L said...

      Craig, is there anything that can be done about the fact that in order to fully read ANY blog post over at circling the bases, one must click on “read more” … a lot of times, its just an additional few sentences.

      Why can’t it be like most other blogs and only have a “read more” link when the post is truly quite long?  I know its very nitpicky, but given the myriad other baseball blog options, I’ve found myself skipping circling the bases just because I don’t feel like clicking “read more” on every single post given that my internet connection at work is a touch slow and I don’t want to deal with the lag

    2. Craig Calcaterra said...

      Glen—I couldn’t agree with you more.  This is one of the things I’m agitating for.  There are A LOT of things like that that we’re hopefully going to address soon.  If anyone has anything else constructive along these lines, by all means, email me and let me know.

    3. YankeesfanLen said...

      Don’t know if its justme, but I can never successfully e-mail articles from NBCSports to TigersfanRob.  I get a weird old-fashioned pop-up that’s addressed correctly to the recipient but then it doesn’t recognize my e-mail address (I am registered with them), so I have to print and fax.
      I like the site, even more since you’ve arrived.

    4. APBA Guy said...

      No complaints on the technology at NBC, just very glad to have your links here. Sometimes, late in the day, I like to read the stuff I missed in the morning, and having one launching pad for that is a convenience. So thanks for that.

    5. Mark said...

      Along the lines of enhancements it might be nice if CTB had links to go forward or backward in blog posts.  When I fall behind on Shysterball I like to use those links to help me catch up without having to click back and forth to the main page.

    6. Tyler said...

      “My Morning Linkback”? The post title immediately made me think of My Morning Jacket; given the way my mind runs, I went for the lowest common denominator pun.

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