My Morning in Exile

Today’s posts from the peacock:

  • I’m puzzled that Sweet Lou is sticking with Sour Kevin as closer.
  • Chris Dickerson got in a fight with a door and lost.
  • Jason Giambi = Bob Horner.
  • A smattering of the highlights and lowlights of the first week.
  • Eddie Gaedel v2.0 and
  • Are the Mariners for real?
  • I think I’m finally getting the hang of what kind of stuff I should write here and what kind of stuff I should write there. And they are definitely different things. More on-the-field stuff over there seems to fit that audience, somewhat longer, freer-flowing stuff over here. It’s definitely easier to write here, mostly because you guys usually tell me when I’m being a dumbass. The disapproval from the NBC readership is far more passive-aggressive.

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    1. Jersey Matt said...

      Just keep up the snark here Craig.  It’s what makes Shysterball worth reading day in and day out and I know you can’t do that as much over at NBC.

    2. APBA Guy said...

      Rough crowd on the Giambi post. I wonder what they say when a 22 year old pitcher has a dead arm?

      Besides, Giambi getting pinch-run for is why the A’s kept Rajai Davis. He’s supposed to ask to come out in the 7th smile

    3. Craig Calcaterra said...

      Ain’t it though?  Not sure why big sites like ESPN and NBC and others attract that kind of thing and places like this stay relatively unscathed from the haters.  I guess it takes extra effort to find the less-traveled blogs, and by the time you do, your’re no longet in a fit of pique.

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