My Morning in Exile

It’s looking like a really ugly afternoon for me on the legal front, so these links may have to last you a bit. All apologies. Life will return to normal very soon:

  • Stealing home is cool, but it could have been much cooler.
  • Did Brian Wilson’s late night in Scottsdale cost the Giants a game?
  • Tuffy Rhodes is going to write a book some day and I’m going to want to read it.
  • Nolan Ryan is going to teach Texas pitchers to be just like him. Then he’s going to teach Texas hitters to be just like Babe Ruth.
  • Not that Nolan Ryan wasn’t really, really good back in the day.
  • Finally, why don’t the Angels go out and get Paul Byrd?
  • Assuming I don’t run into anything ugly as I complete the brief I’m about to turn to, I’ll be back later in the afternoon.

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    1. themarksmith said...

      Can’t say I agree with the Paul Byrd thing. His FIP’s the last three years have all been around 5, and his ERA’s are all in the mid-4’s. Add in that his FIP has only been under 4 once (3.94 in 2005), and I’m not sure Paul Byrd doesn’t fall under the Livan Hernandez Clause. He gives you innings but the quality …? But if you just want to protect arms in the system, then signing him for $500K-1M wouldn’t be the worst thing.

      Also, thanks for the link.

    2. Levi Stahl said...

      My friends and I have followed Tuffy ever since that 1994 Opening Day, which remains the most fun Opening Day I’ve been to at Wrigley (and, not coincidentally, the one with the best weather).

      What was really weird was that, from what we could tell in the upper deck, one person caught two of Tuffy’s home runs.

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