My Morning in Exile

Bad morning with several phony work emergencies, so I only got four jabs in over at NBC:

  • Barry Bonds is done playing baseball, so just cut it out.
  • Let’s hear it for Rule 10.17(b)!
  • It’s probably good that the MLB Network is going to broadcast the draft in prime time, but they should probably be careful.
  • Finally, the key to Barry Zito regaining his Cy Young form? Twittering.
  • There’s a sandwich in my immediate future. Then back to the grind.

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    1. YankeesfanLen said...

      You must be a computer geek!  When I read a Circling the Bases articles, they show up as read on THT!  And I can’t even renew SI online without calling customer service.
      Forget the tweets- can’t even find my cell with John Sterling ringtone when it goes off.

    2. Melody said...

      Actually, I wouldn’t say the Official Scorer awards the win to the first reliever out of the bullpen—generally, they give it to the reliever who was the “pitcher of record” when the team gets the lead for good.

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