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I’ve been happy writing for the NBC blog, but I’m reaching the point where my own principles are at risk of being sacrificed. It was 16 years ago that I vowed to one day track, hunt down, and, well, if not kill, seriously bother the person responsible for cancelling “Quantum Leap.” I should be using my new association with NBC to collect intelligence for this mission, yet to date I have not. I have taken their money and provided them with my writing services as if they hadn’t discarded one of my favorite shows of all time with nothing more than a hastily-put-together and ultimately unsatisfying series finale. “Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home.” Ha! You may as well have told me that Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny were involved in a murder suicide. Jerks.

  • TINSTAAPP, baby
  • Are the White Sox boring?
  • Yankees-Red Sox is NOT the best rivalry in baseball.
  • Manny Acta may be about to snap.
  • History Lesson: David Cone and the day offenses went BOOM.
  • Finally, Mike Hampton returns to Atlanta. That should be fun
  • I say they should bring back “Quantum Leap” today. Bakula and everyone. Well, Dennis Wolfberg is dead, but I always thought it was funnier when Al talked to Gooshie offscreen anyway.

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    1. YankeesfanLen said...

      Old Bed-Stuy wasn’t apparently around pre-1990 when I don’t remember this as a pre-media-obsession about the whole thing. The 18 game sequence turns it into a sudden death during the playoffs anyway.
      Citizens of New York and Boston are naturally hostile to everything, not just each other.
      And Fortune has read too many 1950s New York baseball books to think this matters since the Giants can’t spend their money on anything better than Barry Zito.

    2. lar said...

      I flipped on the “SyFy” Channel the other day hoping to find some TNG (I still don’t have a good sense of when the episodes come on between it and WGN), and Enterprise was on. Now, I like Enterprise, but I don’t watch it enough to feel comfortable jumping into any old episode that I haven’t seen before.

      Anyway, Archer was on Earth somehow in his uniform, and he was being grilled by some Nazi’s about some weapon (or was he being grilled by some Allies about the Nazis? I don’t remember). I didn’t know what was going on, but it briefly occurred to me that Dr. Sam Beckett had leaped back to World War II. Either that, or Jonathan Archer had started up the Quantum Leap experiment himself. Sadly, neither was true.

      I did check out Hulu, though. They seem to have all (or most) of Season 1 of Quantum Leap in full episode format, but that’s it. It does include the first episode, though, and I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen that, so I may have to watch it. I don’t know why they don’t have the entire series available, though. That would be cool.

    3. J.W. said...

      I liked the end of Leap. I enjoyed the bartender/God character and the notiom that Sam is more interested in doing good than returning home. But yeah, I’m with you, whoever caused that show to be cancelled deserves some serious (by which I mean minor) hassling. Watchinkg Bakula on NBC’s Chuck was pretty fun though.

    4. scatterbrian said...

      How awesome would it be to have a reunion of sorts, where Sam lands in 1995 Hollywood and thwarts the plan to kill of the series?

    5. Ben said...

      My favorite Quantum Leap episodes involved the “trilogy” and definitely the evil leapers. They never did though explain how the evil leapers came about though.

      Also so did Sam and AL never meet then if Sam saved Al’s marriage?

    6. APBA Guy said...

      As I’ve said before, tough crowd on the NBC comments site.

      Regarding the rivalry piece, living in SF ther eis no doubt the Dodgers v Giants retains a faint glimmer of the old New York days, but it has nowhere near the intensity of Boston v New York. Even with Manny in LA, the Giants currently have such a rebuilding team that there is interest in some of the individual matchups (Lincecum v Manny), and a slightly elevated interest in the game or series outcome. It may have been different, again marginally, when the Giants werre better and Bonds was 30 or so, but the rivalry then was with the A’s and McGwire. We all know who won that one (smiles smugly).

      Anyway, nothing matches the rivalry of Boston v New York. The closest I’ve seen lately is Liverpool v ManU. Those are some seriously passionate fans, both teams are, very, very good, and the competition between the two is quite old.

      Both those rivalries point out what the Dodger/Giants rivalry lacks: current fan intensity.

      Now that I think about it, I’d say Duke v. North Carolina exceeds LA and the Giants.

    7. Gohare (UK) said...

      APBA Guy, interesting you mention Liverpool v Man U because I think football (soccer) has rivalries that are more heated than anything in baseball.

      The worst for pure hatred must be Celtic and Rangers. People regularly get attacked and killed over it and there’s hundreds of years of history behind it. I’ve been to a Yankees Red Sox game and it all seemed very good natured.

    8. Kerry said...

      Warren Littlefield is the idiot who killed off Quantum Leap.

      Don Bellesario,the show’s creator, has been wanting to do a QL movie, but he’s been hampered by the fact that NBC owns the rights. Maybe Craig can hassle NBC’s legal department about this.

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