My Morning in Exile

Apologies once again for the lack of ATH this morning. I hate not getting to it. Barring power outages, catastrophes, and/or restraining orders from Selena Roberts’ publishers, it’ll be back in the morning. As for now:

  • The Dodgers may be running away with this bad boy.
  • The Yankees don’t need to “get tough.” They need to win games.
  • Dice-K is on his way.
  • Given their pitching apocalypse, how on Earth are the Angels leading the league in starter ERA? After all, they don’t play the A’s every day.
  • The previously mentioned comments about Doug Glanville’s pitch tipping piece.
  • Finally, I linked Geoff Young’s THT piece, so let’s just eliminate the middle man.
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    1. YankeesfanLen said...

      Thanks for being a Yankees sympathizer instead of a knee-jerk Daily News writer.  We do not need Roger Clemens back, and if ARod did anything they’d wet their pants on front and back pages.
      And if I have to wait for the All Star break for anything to get going, so be it.

    2. GBSimons said...

      Craig, do you think NBC is offended that you refer to your work for them as being “in exile.”

    3. Craig Calcaterra said...

      That hadn’t occurred to me, GB.  My first thought about it, though, is that if they don’t like it they can pay me a full time salary and get 100% of my content devoted to them. Until then, the majority of my word count still appears here, technically making it the place to which I return, rather than vice-versa.

      And if they don’t like it, they’re really not going to like the piece I’m going to put up about Mike Celizek in a few minutes. wink

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