My Morning in Exile

Sorry to be late jumping back over here, but these people in suits carrying legal files seem to think I have nothing more important to do than help them with their work.

  • It’s a really slow news day, so I lobbed a Chief Wahoo bomb. I get enough heat for that around here, so I can’t imagine what will happen over there.
  • The Yankees and Notre Dame football to provide one-stop shopping for all of your insufferably self-important needs!
  • The Big Unit returns to Seattle. I think that, as an homage to 1995, he should be brought out of the bullpen. If they do it with a lead in the fifth inning it might actually help him get a win too.
  • And by the way, Johnson is going to be the last of the 300-game winners too. At least until the next one.
  • The Brewers should get into the Jake Peavy business.
  • Finally, the Red Sox reveal their favorite movies. I never would have pegged Beckett as a fan of Un chien andalou, but they couldn’t print it if it wasn’t true.
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    1. ecp said...

      “Memo to Papelbon: You’re lucky you have money, because you’re not going to attract many women by liking car and comic book movies. Not that those are bad either, mind you. You just have to do what I did and keep your inner child hidden until after you get married. THEN you break out the lad/geek tendencies.

      Ah, forget it. The money trumps it all.”

      Craig, Papelbon is ALREADY married.  I guess he can be as geeky as he wants, then? 

      And I assume his wife would prefer that he not do anything to attract many women anyway.

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