My Morning in Exile

I know it’s a holiday. Who cares? I’m here, I have an Internet hookup and some free time to blog today. The urge to grill and drink beer is probably going to take over sometime early this afternoon, but until then, here are six posts for your edification and enjoyment:

  • Jim Leyritz is only making things worse for himself.
  • Can you get fined for complaining about a fine?
  • Brian Sabean is going to do something stupid; I can feel it.
  • It’s an age-old problem: too much pitching in Texas.
  • The trade deadline is going to be crazy.
  • Finally, the Braves need to call up Tommy Hanson. Now. Yesterday.
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    1. Pete Toms said...

      Kinda surprised that Cafardo didn’t mention Halladay. Halladay, like Cliff Lee, is a FA after 2010.  Obviously much depends on whether the Jays continue to tank.  I’ve thought for months that the Brewers have sufficient prospects in the high minors and an owner who wants to win badly to make a deal possible.

    2. themarksmith said...

      I thought the reason the Braves AAA team moved to Gwinnett was to get the prospects closer for a big-league call-up. Instead, they’re just blue-ballin’ the fans with all the teasing.

    3. Mac said...

      I’m thinking that we need to call up Hanson because Medlen should be playing right field instead of Francoeur.

    4. David said...

      Halladay is a near-deity in Toronto; akin to what Tony Gwynn was to San Diego fans.  To the extent that loyalty exists in MLB, Roy Halladay’s situation will be affected by it.  Despite the fact that Bud Selig and ESPN would love a Halladay trade more than another black guy with “steroids”, there are strong reasons that it won’t happen.  (That’s my opinion, anyway.)

      RE: Leyritz.  Interesting input about why speaking publicly is a bad idea.  However, if Leyritz is lucky, he’ll get a prosecutor like this evil animal….

      ….who, in a bid to bolster his reputation for a run for governor, was so desperate to prosecute somebody for child molestation that he ordered the cops to build cases against people who everybody knew damn well was innocent.)

      As a side note, I think that 99.9% of the drunk driving hysteria in our country is pompous rhetoric by wannabe crusaders.  The founder of MADD has heartfully denounced the group as a draconian political machine and “neo-prohibitionists”.  I think that a legal blood-alcohol level of .08 is an abomination, as every test ever conducted shows that you’re well in control of your motor skills at that level.

      But having said all of that….if you’re driving drunk (really drunk, not .08 drunk) and you kill somebody, you have to go away for life.  That’s my opinion.

    5. Ross said...

      RE: David and drunk driving:

      From what I’ve found from a simple Google search and (not exactly scientific, I grant you), the US has the highest legal limit in the world at .08 out of the countries listed.  That limit may be considered too low by some people, but remember that the legal limits in some states 15-20 years ago were actually higher than they are now.  In other words, we tried that.  It wasn’t working so well.  Most of the countries listed (and a couple of Canadian provinces) have a .05 limit, and there are several countries that have set their limits lower than that. 

      When it comes to impaired driving, loosening the reins on people isn’t the way the world opinion sways.

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