My Morning in Exile

It was a slow morning writing-wise for me as my bosses decided that we needed to have several meetings today to make up for not having any yesterday. God I love government service. I hope you citizens are thankful for my efforts. Ohio citizens anyway:

  • The Red Sox should make a deal. They shouldn’t go for what’s behind the curtain, though. I think it’s a giant rocking chair or a some livestock. Take the envelope Monty is holding. It’s gotta be cash.
  • Milton Bradley is quite mad, you know.
  • The slotting system is ineffective, but nearly as ineffective as Selig’s efforts to lower the slotted bonuses will be.
  • Finally, more on Sotomayor, mostly because I couldn’t resist seeing what the NBC commenters would do with a political topic. If you click through, be sure to have your flak jacket handy.
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    1. Millsy said...

      Anyone wonder if maybe Bradley is slightly schizophrenic?  He obviously has some sort of personality disorder he needs to deal with.  Can’t deny the guy can hit, though.

    2. J. McCann said...

      Why doesn’t bud just admit that slotting in the first round is useless, ignored and counterproductive?

      What Bud should do is say: “look for the first x picks of top tier talent, pay what you want, then starting with pick x+1, stick to these slot figures or else.”  I’ll bet most teams would go along with that.

    3. Loren said...

      I have to say I was shocked to click through a link on the front page about Sotomayor and find myself reading Shysterball’s rantings.
      Congrats on making the big time Craig.

    4. Matt Aux said...

      If Milton Bradley hit the ball when it was in the strike zone, I’d be inclined to believe that he (a)maybe isn’t completely lying and (b) there wouldn’t be a looking K problem.  And from what those 2-strike breaking pitches have been doing to him, maybe he can’t see the ball as well as he thinks.

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